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A Little About Puggle

Puggle is a modern space for anonymous chat, zero censorship, and building connections. Puggle takes anonymous chat one step further with means to communicate with others long-term. For example, if you find someone that you like, your connection doesn't have to end the moment you are done with the random chat session. You can bookmark the room that you were in, and, if you both join again, you can talk again. That way, you don't have to trust anyone with social media identity until you're comfortable. More features are planned to make it easier to keep anonymous contacts.

Anonymous Accounts

When you visit Puggle, your device is provided with a Puggle account. This is basically a username that tracks reputation on the site. By default, your username is hidden in chat rooms. The main purpose of Puggle accounts is to track reputation, and more features are planned to let reputation guide your puggling experience, with higher reputations rewarding you with better quality results with random chat.

Content Sharing? All you Need

Puggle is an isolated content platform with tools for sharing images, screenshots, voice clips, videos, and even raw files. Wow, raw files? That sounds dangerous. Yes, yes it is, so be wary when strangers offer you random files. Either way, rich content is easy here, so you don't need to risk visiting another site that might compromise your privacy. As always, be careful with what you share in random chat rooms.

Secure and Transient

Content like images and files can only be viewed or downloaded within 30 minutes of creation – then the upload links expire. Puggle strikes a balance between convenience and privacy; for example, if your browser crashes, you can simply reopen the same link from your history and your chat will resume like nothing happened. You will be able to view messages that you missed. However, if you leave a room for more than a few minutes, then you lose access to all messages and chat history. Puggle is designed to purge history like that.

Named Rooms

When puggling, you can see the room name (typically a randomly generated code) in the address bar. You can visit rooms randomly or by their room name. You can share the room URL with other people to have them join, and you can also share it with your other devices. Each generated room name is impossible to guess, and even if someone does join your secret room, they do not have access to any chat history from before they joined.

Start Puggling

Click Find a Room to chat with a random stranger, or start your own room and invite your friends. Anonymous chat is a great way to share what you are not comfortable with sharing in real-life (just share it with complete strangers instead!). Experiment in the Puggle sandbox, and you will find new ways to engage in the real world.

Spread the word

Embark on a fun journey of expression and discovery with the modernest anonymous chat experience that has yet graced this remarkable planet. Puggle is your new safe space. Puggle is your new home. Puggle is your new life. Puggle is your new god. Puggle is your new religion. Puggle is you... What were we talking about? Have fun Puggling, and tell your friends.

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